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Our Programs

The Focus of Our Efforts

Trauma-Informed Care Training and Programming


  1.  Familiarize participants with the concept of complex trauma and the impact it has on children physically, emotionally, and psychologically

  2. Explain the causes of complex trauma from both environmental and familial sources

  3. Provide an overview of the neurological impact of trauma on children and families

  4. Explain the use of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) assessment, including its’ history and predictive capabilities

  5.  Provide specific behaviors and solutions for addressing the impact of trauma in children

Organization guarantee:

  • Training programs will be conducted by trained facilitators

  • Printed materials that cover session content

  • External evaluator to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the program

  • Full Quality and Control Plan

Children's Toys

Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics is a subsidiary of IV-CHARIS that is coined as “the social arm.”  The mission is to facilitate pathways to wholeness - spiritually and socially - through service. 

Focus: To offer programming that offers spiritual cultivation and trauma healing through a variety of artistic expressions.

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