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Trauma Recovery Institute

Refuge Trauma Recovery Institute - a joint partnership with Zion Global Ministries - exists to aid in trauma healing and recovery for individuals impacted by acute, chronic, complex, vicarious trauma, PTSD, and Complex-PTSD through evidence-based, solution-oriented approaches.



Target Demographic:

•Youth (K-12)

•Incarcerated Persons

•Elderly (emphasis on memory care population)

•Communities of Color (emphasis on black population)

CBT Music-Infused Art Therapy Sessions

Music alone can heal and restore a person. When you fuse another therapeutic practice in that of art, you offer that person a euphoric, healing experience. These themed sessions are designed to offer a person the space to unwind from daily trauma and self-regulate.


Music Therapy Model Intensives

This day and a half session begins with identifying the many forms of trauma of life and concludes with practical music therapy model applications.


Quarterly Sessions

Birthed from the a 12-week curriculum on "Spiritual Cultivation and Trauma Healing through Music Therapy", these quarterly sessions range from topics on "Vicarious Trauma" to "Reaching Recovery through your Musical Story."


Group Therapy Sessions with Licensed Therapists

These sessions are facilitated by a licensed and trained professional. Some groups sessions include:

A. Grief

B. Substance Use and Abuse

C. Depression

D. Anxiety

E. Sexual Assault

Get in Touch

For more information on how to participate in the Institute, please email for more details.

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